It seems that Madonna is just as bored during this pandemic as the rest of us are - although few of us would be brave enough to post the kind of saucy photos that appeared on her Instagram and Twitter accounts last night.

The pop icon - whose last album release was 2019's 'Madame X' - continued to adopt the album's titular persona for the photoshoot, captioning it with the line: "And Now For A Moment of Self Reflection..............Madame ❌".

While some encouraged the 62-year-old to "preserve [her] dignity", others praised her for putting herself out there, with one fan saying: "Imagine being this confident, youthful and so in touch with yourself at 62. Every woman has been imposed this archaic rule by the patriarchy that you have to lock yourself up and knit by the time she’s 40 But here’s M fighting once again for women and defying those dumb standards."

Irish fans, meanwhile, spotted a staple of the Irish medicine cupboard in the background of one of the snaps...

Sudocrem is available in other countries, of course - but why are we getting strangely patriotic vibes after seeing this?