So it seems like Madonna's Aviva show last night went off without a hitch. Mostly, anyway. The weather was a bit - how do we put this - inhospitable for a July evening but that's hardly going to put too much of a dampener on the proceedings and, by all accounts, everyone was fairly happy with the effort that the Queen of Pop put in.

Others across Europe, though, aren't so happy with Madge. As we recently reported, anti-firearm campaigners were up in arms about Madonna's use of prop guns in her stage act, especially in light of the recent shootings in Colorado, but Madge defied their protestations and kept them in her act.

Another group who were upset at Madonna's stage show was the French National Front, whose leader Marine Le Pen was displayed on a big screen during a Madonna show in Paris last month with a swastika emblazoned across her forehead. Frankly, the French National Front are a group hard to have any sympathy for but nonetheless, Le Pen has spoken about suing Madonna for 'public insult'. True to her style, Madonna is refusing to budge and the image was displayed in her three recent UK shows.

Speaking to Brazilian television about the imagery, Madonna said the video concerns: "the intolerance that we human beings have for one another. And how much we judge people before knowing them. The why it's done in the song 'Nobody Knows Me'.

We're not sure if it was shown in last night's Dublin show. Can anyone shed some light?