After a deluge of what could only be described as 'biblical weather' at recent festivals and outdoor events in Ireland you can understand the uneasy relationship that festival-goers in this country have with weather forecasters. This time around, however, it appears they're giving us some good news.

Instead of weather warnings advising people to pack waterproofs and woolly jumpers, Picnic organisers are advising festival-goers to bring sunscreen as temperatures are set to soar this weekend. But, please, make sure to bring clothing which would suit every weather conditions because, if the heavens do open, this wouldn't be the first time that the forecasters have gotten it wrong.

It seems likely that there might be a couple of light showers over the course of the wekend - we are but a small rock on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean after all - but nothing that Picnickers aren't able to cope with. Otherwise, make sure you're all set with suncream, sunglasses and drink plenty of water!

Co. Laois weather forecast, with thanks to