You should go see Grimes because, since her Forbidden Fruit appearance earlier this summer, she has proved that she just keeps on getting better. EP will be the electro-mystique's third submersion to the Irish crowds and as her popularity escalates, so does her intrigue. The waifish Canadian has now created anthems out of 'Genesis' and 'Oblivion' and it will be worth seeing her purely to hear the crowd attempting to sing the lyrics.

You should go see James Murphy's DJ set because of nostalgia. Yes, LCD Soundsystem are no more but they still live on in our hearts (and next week on the screens of the IFI and Lighthouse cinemas) and, sometimes, it's nice to remind yourself of nice things from the past. With the ever-eclectic influences on his band's work, including The Fall, The Human League, The Stooges and Public Image LTD., his DJ set will be a solid selection for you to tear a ligament to.

You should go see The 2 Bears because, man, they know how to have a good time. Their live set consists of Hot Chip's beardy Joe Goddard taking on the decks as if he's playing for a group of close friends and Raf Rundell, can in hand, displaying his gruff vocals. Accompanied by fabulously flamboyant dancers, the fun that they have onstage is infectious and their main song, 'Bear Hug', will be left ricocheting around your brain all weekend.

You should go see Totally Extinct Dinosaurs because this man, Orlando Higginbottom (his real name...) wears an actual dinosaur ensemble whilst onstage. Divinely good synth music aside, how great would it be to see a practically real dinosaur play? If it walks like a dinosaur, talks like a dinosaur...Go hear Orlando roar.

You should go see Kimbra because she is better than that very famous song she featured on. Unfortunately, this New Zealand lady will be better known as the female side of the argument on Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'. Her debut album, Vows, was released in 2010, shows that there is so much more to her and hopefully her live performance will capture the sultry, R&B vibes that she delivered on Vows.