It's a Christmas miracle... or is it?

You'll have to forgive us for being so suspicious, but apparently one of the most entertaining feuds in music has seemingly come to an unexpected end after Liam Gallagher tweeted a 'Happy Xmas' to 'team NG' and said that he was looking forward to seeing 'you tmorrow'.

When a fan asked what was going on, he said that Noel had 'reached out' and added: 'We're all good again'.

Considering Liam's constant baiting of his brother over the past year - and the odd riposte from the latter - it seemed unlikely that the pair would come to any sort of amicable truce at ANY point. Yet here we are, days before Christmas, and they're giving their mammy Peggy the present she's wanted for years. Unless, that is, he's been hacked....

They're also sparking a flicker of hope in the hearts of Oasis fans, but... let's not go there. Just yet, anyway.

See Liam's tweet and the reaction below: