When you're the first-born child of one of the biggest pop stars of all time, it's safe to say that there are certain expectations resting on your shoulders.

It may have taken Lourdes 'Lola' Leon a while to get there, but Madonna's eldest daughter has released her debut single under the moniker 'Lolahol'.

It's called 'Lock&Key' and is a clubby dance number with a vaguely drum 'n' bass vibe.

The video sees the 25-year-old - who is the daughter of Madonna and her former partner and personal trainer Carlos Leon - sees her wandering around a graveyard, hanging out of a car, and frolicking in the waves on a beach.

Speaking to Interview magazine last year, Leon said that she had not intended to follow in her mum's footsteps.

“Honestly, actors really annoy me and I can’t be around them," she said. "As for music, I can sing. I just don’t care about it. Maybe it’s too close to home.

She added: “I’ve been judged from a young age, but I think that privacy is the reason why I was able to keep my wits about me and not find myself in a mental asylum. I want to figure out who the f–k I am before I let anyone else try to tell me who I am, you know?"

Madonna, meanwhile, posted the song to her stories with the caption "I am so proud of you Lola!"

Watch the video below: