Lizzo has shared a heartbreaking video on Tiktok in which she expresses feeling overcome with emotion.

Lizzo started crying during the Tiktok and said she feels "like a burden on everyone."

Her fans expressed concern for the singer, though she has since spoken about feeling much better.

In the video, Lizzo says: "You know that part of sadness where you feel like a burden on everyone, and annoying, and nobody cares about you?

"Can we get rid of that part? It's like, 'Yo, I'm already sad.'"

She added: "Gotta add insult to injury that I have no one to talk to about it.

"It's crazy. Like, why do we feel this way? Why do we feel this way when we get sad?

"I don't want to feel this way anymore."

Lizzo also noted: "I want to feel like I do have someone to talk to and people do care about me.

"I am loved. I'm not alone. That's how I want to feel, but I don't feel it."

She said, "Okay, this is embarrassing," before ending the video.


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Lizzo went on Tiktok again later to thank her followers for their support.

She told them she's "feeling better" after having "a really rough night" and "very emotional morning."

"Thinking about my relationships and life... you know how it is, it gets dark," she said.

"I'm definitely glad I reached out in any way that I could, and Tiktok was one of those ways, and to feel received and seen and heard was really, really helpful."

Lizzo also said she planned to drink some tea and have a bath before filming a flute video.


Reply to @dionreloaded AND IM TALKING TO MY THERAPIST TODAY ❤️ use ur tools. Love y’all

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The 'Truth Hurts' singer took to Tiktok later again to tell fans she had also talked to her therapist, talked to her medium, breathed, focussed on gratitude, ate a cinnamon roll and had some hot chocolate to feel better.

She also journalled and read.

"I do feel better, so thank you," she added. "Y'all are so sweet."


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