The flute-playing ray of sunshine that is Lizzo finally got her own dedicated edition of the James Corden sketch.

Warning: we just took a DNA test and it turns out that yes, she really is 100% that bitch. The following Lizzo Carpool Karaoke video that you are about to watch will make you fall in love with the singer even more.

The 34-year-old pop diva had the opportunity to duet with Corden on some of her tracks, including 'Juice', 'Special', 'About Damn Time' and 'Good As Hell'. She caused such a ruckus in the car that she even had to re-adjust herself halfway through their car journey.

In between their musical sets, Lizzo spoke about her upbringing and about how she was never allowed to listen to secular ("devil") music growing up, adding that her love for a curse word in a song has "pissed a few family members off". She also spoke about her version of 'Snakes on a Plane' - "Cakes" on a plane.

The pop star also spoke about her love for another quite prominent performer, who she grew up listening to - Beyonce. Lizzo said she would listen to 'B'Day' when she was feeling low as a teen in the past, before she and Corden then belted out (and twerked to) 'Crazy In Love' in the car. By the way, she still has yet to meet the 'Break My Soul' creator.

Lizzo's new album 'Special' will be released on July 15. This will be her fourth studio album, following in the footsteps of her mega-successful release from 2019, 'Cuz I Love You'.

Here's the full Lizzo Carpool Karaoke for your absolute enjoyment, featuring a TikTok dance number.