Le Galaxie are, quite simply, one of Ireland's finest live acts. Their recent 3D show in Dublin's Meeting House Square was among the most anticipated events of the Dublin Fringe so far and, even in spite of a few hiccups presenting themselves in advance of the show, it still managed to rock our socks off. Read on for our review.

One of the most anticipated events of this year's Dublin Fringe Festival was overshadowed by rumours beforehand - "Oh, it’s been pushed back to Sunday night! In the Olympia!" - but the gig went ahead in its original venue on its intended day, but without a liquor licence. Not that this seemed to effect the crowd any over the course of the gig, as they left for one of the local pubs, shotgunned their drinks and then ran back to the concert as fast as their drunken legs would allow.

Being touted as a "3D gig" might've been a little disingenuous, as everyone who arrived was given a pair of old-school red and blue 3D glasses, and there was indeed a 3D visuals screen going on behind the band on stage. Gates opened a little after 9, but the band themselves didn't hit the stage til 10.30pm, and were off stage again a little after 11.30pm. A short, sharp blast, but a blast nonetheless, knocking out one great song after another. "Heart 2 Heart" is the best song Hot Chip never made, "Gotta Go" belongs on the Drive soundtrack, "Heat City" still sounds like the score to an early 80’s Arnie movie, "The Nightcaller" is the perfect Ibiza, hands-in-the-air trance anthem… no two songs sound the same, but they all worked together as a perfectly cohesive whole. Also in the mix was their new tune "What, Us?", which from the reaction of the listeners, should become an instant fan favorite.

Closing the gig with arguably their most popular song, "Love System" was a perfect cap to the set, sending the crowd into a lovey-dovey overdrive. Of course the night was ended with the now obligatory theme tune to Jurassic Park, and then it was time to go. The band members seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the crowd's response, and the absolutely packed out square didn't let up on the energy once. After being one of the highlights of this year's Electric Picnic, and now this, the sky is truly the limit for Ireland's electro kings.

In further Le Galaxie news, Heineken have just released their MixTape video from Electric Picnic. What is this, we hear you ask? Those of you who were lucky enough to attend this year's Electric Picnic festival might well have come across the Heineken Mixtape Recording Booth at the festival, where revellers visited in their hundreds to dance, clap and shuffle their way into the Mixtape video along to a specially mixed track by LeGalaxie. Check out Volume 1 of the Mixtape at Heineken Music and see if you or your mates made the cut.

Review by Rory Cashin, with additional reporting by John Balfe