Jesy, Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne are officially back on the scene. Little Mix recently performed on the stage at the MTV EMA's in Bilbao with their hero Nicki Minaj. They also put to bed rumours that Cardi B was supposed to be on the 'Woman Like Me' track, adding fuel to the Nicki vs Cardi feud.

The 'X-Factor' winners have shared an image of themselves on their Twitter page to fans. In the image, the four women are seen sitting naked on a floor, with a number of put-downs written on their bodies. The hateful messages range from "Fat," "Talentless," and "Puppets," to "Common."

In the post, they said "Take off all my makeup cos I love what’s under it. Rub off all your words don’t give a f*ck I’m over it. Jiggle all this weight, yeah you know I love all of this. Finally love me naked. Sexiest when I’m confident."

The words are lyrics from their new song 'Strip', which the girl teased with a short clip.

Insecure fans have been sending their praise to the group for telling girls and women to be more body-confident. One fan has said "Little Mix always knew how to make me feel so much better about the way that I look."

While another has said "because of @LittleMix I’ve learnt to accept and love myself for who I am."

One girl who has been struggling with eating disorders said "thanks to the girls I’m learning to love myself a little bit more every day."

Some male fans of Little Mix have also shared their self-confidence stories. One has said "I’m learning that it’s okay to be me!" The girls have been replying to some too, saying "You are not alone."

'LM5' releases this Friday.