Many Selena Gomez fans may not be familiar with Talking Heads, but they're about to get a taster of the iconic band.

The pop star has sampled the bassline from David Byrne and co.'s 'Psycho Killer' in her new song 'Bad Liar'.

According to co-songwriter Justin Tranter, “Selena and Julia [Michaels, co-songwriter] are Talking Heads-obsessed. So when we all got together in one room, Julia suggested, ‘Why don’t we just write over the bassline from ‘Psycho Killer?’ and we were all going, ‘That sounds great!’”

As Variety points out, both Tranter, Michaels and Gomez are signed to the same publishing company as Talking Heads, which made attaining use of the sample a lot easier - although not all of her fans were on board:


Hear it below: