As you may have already heard, Robbie Williams' new album 'Heavy Entertainment Show' is released next month, and it features some songwriting collaborations with big names like Rufus Wainwright, John Grant and more.

There's also a song that was written by The Killers, which was reportedly originally intended to be kept by Brandon Flowers and co. - but after hearing it, Williams asked them could he have it.

He told The Sun: "The Killers' sound is unique and I think Brandon Flowers is one of the best songwriters on the planet. I was at [producer] Stuart Price's house and he'd just been working with Brandon and played me this song. He said, 'Have a listen to this.' And all the way through it I was thinking, 'I want this song.' And unbelievably they let me have it and didn't have it for themselves."

He also shared a preview clip of 'Mixed Signals' - as well as other songs from the album - on Instagram, which you can hear below: