A collaborative effort by Daft Punk and Jay Z seems would seem like match made in musical heaven to a lot of us - but that is exactly what has happened. There's little-to-no information about the track online, other than that it's called 'Computerized', but all signs point to the song being a legitimate project by both parties.

NME speculates that the track could have been recorded during the lengthy sessions which led to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories album, a recording which housed collaborations with a hatful of other artists, but they also point out that Jay Z mentions a Blackberry in his vocals. Jay has been sponsored by phone rivals Samsung since last year, which indicates the song might have been recorded prior to the Random Access Memories sessions.

To us it sounds a bit more like the music Daft Punk recorded for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack but we're sure a few more nuggets of information will surface about the recording before too long. Either way, wrap your ears around the track above and let us know your thoughts.