Harry Styles appears to be the first One Directioner laying foundations for life after the boyband, as his first foray into the world of a solo artist has made its way online.

The song - 'Don't Let Me Go' - is a piano-based ballad and it's currently unclear whether or not this will be released as a single, or indeed converted into a One Direction song.

Earlier this month, One Direction set up individual music publishing deals to maximise their earning potential as songwriters indicating that they are indeed planning for the day when they close the door on One Direction and move on to the next phase of their careers.

It'll be very interesting to see what happens when One Direction eventually do call it quits. History has taught us that when a boyband implodes, usually only one of the members continues to be successful while the others fall into a Howard Donald/Jason Orange level of obscurity.

Styles' first track hardly lays down a marker, as it's a fairly generic paint-by-numbers ballad which we met with a resounding 'meh'. Have a listen below and let us know your thoughts.