Strokes frontman and occasional solo artist Julian Casablancas has provided us with a new track from upcoming film 'She’s Lost Control'. A friend of executive producer for the film Simon Tafique, Casablancas had stated previously that he would contribute to the soundtrack if the movie received the necessary funding following an appeal on Kickstarter.

The film itself deals with a sexual therapist who falls for a client, just in case any Joy Divison fans out there were starting to get excited.

For Strokes fans looking for news on the band however, there appears to be some light in the tunnel with hints being dropped on a possible 2014 release by the group’s usual source of information, Albert Hammond Jnr. The guitarist mentioned as far back as October last year that he and his bandmates were looking to "return to the scene" in 2014 with a follow up to last year's Comedown Machine, which received little no promotion and no touring.

The band are set for a return to the live stage this summer already though, with a return at the Governor's Ball alongside Outkast and Vampire Weekend in June, hopefully an indication that there are more shows to come worldwide.

Listen to 'Human Sadness' below.

Julian Casablancas - "Human Sadness" (New 2013 Track) from Krlng5 on Vimeo.