Looks like someone in Lady Gaga's camp finally got wise to the controversy of her partnering up with R. Kelly, and promptly ditched him for Christina Aguilera. Of course, that's not what they're saying officially, but after the recent online revelations of R. Kelly's past, it's understandable that Gaga and company would want to remove him from their image as quickly as possible. And who better than Christina Aguilera to warble away any memory of Gaga's duet with Kelly on 'Do What U Want'.

After the Aguilera and Gaga performed the song on the season finale of The Voice in America, Gaga hinted at a studio version of the new version of the song being in existence, and then on New Year's Eve/Day depending on where in the world you were released the track for all to hear.

What do you make of it? We're still trying to figure out what Christina is actually saying as belts and riffs all over the track, but the two superstar voices blend nicely in our humble opinion. Although we do miss the contrast that Kelly's vocal gave the track, even if it probably wasn't a good idea for Gaga to record with him in the first place.