Eminem is the latest musician to speak out against Donald Trump - but the rapper has gone one better than bashing him in an interview.

Instead, he's written a new track called 'Campaign Speech' that denounces Trump, which he shared on his Twitter page last night.

The track is intended as an interim release while he works on an album, as detailed in the tweet, which said: "Don't worry I'm working on an album! Here's something meanwhile."

With lines like "Consider me a dangerous man, but you should be afraid of this dang candidate / You say Trump don’t kiss ass like a puppet / ‘Cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for the fundin’/ And that’s what you wanted / A fuckin’ loose cannon who’s blunt with his hand on the button / Who doesn’t have to answer to no one / Great idea", there's no beating around the bush.

The track also references American football player Colin Kaepernick, the killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, David Hasselhoff and Dustin Hoffman, amongst others.

Hear it below: