You can be sure that anyone who proclaims themselves the 'Larry David of funk' is going to be worth listening to - and such is certainly the case with Chromeo. The Canadian electrofunk duo release their fourth long player 'White Women' on May 12th and it is their most fully realised body of work to date, honing in on a sound that highlights their indie hero legacy while paying homage to some of their greatest artistic inspirations by way of well-crafted, modern pop songs and iconic imagery.

'White Women' is Chromeo's homage to the late great 70s and 80s disco funk era that gave way to the culture from which they were born, containing everything from sultry R&B hooks to classic rock riffs. Chromeo are no stranger to breaking through barriers and ‘White Women’, the joint effort of perhaps the world's most successful Arab / Jewish partnership, is the obvious, ambitious next step for a duo whom naysayers once dismissed as a mere tongue-in-cheek project. Now, almost ten years later, it's as if the caricatures of Dave 1 and P-Thugg have come to life as Chromeo's exponential growth and fan emulation continue.

But you don't have to take our words for it, have a listen to the album below and pre-order the album here!