It's the most anticipated album of 2013 (so far, anyway) and now you have the chance to hear it for yourself because Daft Punk have made their new album Random Access Memories available for streaming on iTunes.

Plug in those headphones, make sure the boss ain't watching have a sneaky chair dance as soon as you visit this link and click 'View' in iTunes.

Reaction has been mixed towards the album so far, with some likely perturbed that it's not Discovery 2.0 (or anything close really) but it's not without its own 70's disco charm. You can read our full thoughts on the album here.

Meanwhile, lead single 'Get Lucky' sits atop the UK charts for the third week running now having sold just shy of 300,000 copies.

Oh and if any of you were hoping that Daft Punk might play on our shores soon, the band have said that they currently don't have any plans to play live to celebrate the album's release which is currently slated for May 20th.