Bob Dylan has released a cover 'Full Moon and Empty Arms', a song popularised by Frank Sinatra, and hinted at a forthcoming release of a brand new album - his 36th. You can listen to the track above.

Now, before us Dylanphiles get too excited we must emphasise that now official word has been revealed thus far about his next record but the artwork which accompanies the track on Dylan's website suggests that the album might be called Shadows In The Night. A spokesperson for Dylan told Rolling Stone that "this track is definitely from a forthcoming album due later on this year."

Dylan has been increasingly productive as he's gotten older, releasing his most recent album Tempest in 2012 and Together Through Life and (the slightly dodgy) Christmas In The Heart in 2009 and, as evidenced by his 'Never Ending Tour' which has been on the road almost constantly since 1989, shows no signs of letting his advancing age get in the way of his musical ambitions.

(Via NME)