After David Bowie died in January 2016, it was hard to imagine any band or artist besting the record he made for 21 songs in Billboard's Hot Rock Song chart simultaneously.

It just goes to show the ever-changing nature of the charts and the music industry, however - particularly following the death of an artist - because Linkin Park have just broken that record.

The nu-metal band experienced a surge in sales and streaming following the untimely death of frontman Chester Bennington last month, resulting in 23 of their songs currently making the chart.

The highest-charting song was 2003's 'Numb', which peaked at number 2. Their most recent album 'One More Light' also experienced a surge - with an increase of 122% week on week.

The various tributes - like Coldplay's cover of 'Crawling' - have no doubt contributed to the band's streaming figures, too.