No, strangely enough it's not for 'crimes against' music - but the reason for Fred Durst's alleged ban from Ukraine is certainly strange.

The Limp Bizkit frontman had allegedly expressed his interest in buying a house in Crimea, the area of Ukraine that was annexed by Russia in 2014 and which is currently causing quite a few problems in international relations between the two countries. His reason for living there was apparently to get involved in reality TV and because his wife, make-up artist Kseniya Beryazina, is from the area.

Durst is also apparently a supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin and has spoken of his desire to obtain a Russian passport.

However, it seems that the Ukrainian government do not share his views, as website Apostrof claim that Durst has been banned from the country for five years "in the interests of guaranteeing the security of our state".

He wouldn't make the best inconspicuous spy in the world, but we can see where they're coming from. 


Via Billboard