Lily Allen took to Twitter late last night to confirm that her new album - titled 'Sheezus' - is due out in the next three months. So far, she's released two tracks, one of which has featured on the current season of HBO's 'Girls'. Allen has admitted in interviews that she was a huge fan of the TV show and that it was "a no brainer" to be involved with soundtrack.

As for the album title, Allen claims it's not a pisstake of Kanye's 'Yeezus', but is in fact "an homage" to his Yeezusness. Allen's hip-hop influences have been well documented so it's no surprise she's taking a leaf or two out of Kanye's book. What would that book look like, even?

Allen released an 8-bit videogame-inspired lyrics video to L8 CMMR and it's expected the song will feature on both the official Girls soundtrack and her new album. As of yet, no tour or live dates have been announced in support of the album.