'Lil Wayne has been under fire for a number of days over comments he made during a rare interview with ABC's Nightline programme.

When questioned about his stance on Black Lives Matter, the civil rights' group advocating against racial prejudice and police brutality, Wayne replied that he was "young black rich motherf***er. If that don’t let you know that America understand black motherf***ers matter these days, I don’t know what it is."

Wayne went on, saying that "(my) life matter, especially to my bitches."

As it turns out, Lil Wayne's handlers weren't best pleased with the interview and reportedly tried to block the interview from being aired. They also claimed that the question concerning Black Lives Matter wasn't pre-approved, however ABC have disputed this and said that no topic was off-limits and none of the questions were pre-approved.

Weezy then backtracked his comments from the interview, saying that he was "agitated" by interviewer Linsey Davis' questions concerning his lyrics and how he refers to women in them. Not only that, TMZ reports that he also fired his publicists after the interview.

Lil Wayne has faced sharp criticism over the course of his career for his lyrics, and now he can add pissing off a major African American civil rights group in the process to the list.