Dev Hynes, AKA indie pop artist Lightspeed Champion, plans to release a series of free bootleg albums online. The first, 'House-Sitting Songs' was recently made available on

The eleven track album was recorded while Hynes was house-sitting for a friend, and includes is a cover of Patience and Prudence's Tonight You Belond To Me with Charlotte Froom of The Like.

A blog on Hynes' website reads, "I've decided to gradually over a period of time post all the stupid albums I make that (some people, but mostly) no one ever hears ... So I decided that in every gap in the week that I found myself sitting down, or watching t.v. or waiting for tea to brew or logging onto facebook. I would write and record a song instead, without any real thought behind it, and by making words up essentially as I went along."

You can download 'House-Sitting Songs' for free here

Lightspeed Champion is set to release his second studio album 'Life Is Sweet! Nice To Mee You' in the new year. It's lead single, 'Marlene', is due on January 22nd and here's its new video: