Having worked on various collaborations and side-projects in the past, it's not surprising to learn that Gary Lightbody has not one, but two, solo projects in the works. The Snow Patrol frontman told BBC Newsbeat about an album he is currently working on with producer Jacknife Lee, entitled "Listen... Tanks", as well as a country album by the name of "Tired Pony".

Former Raindeer Section bandmate and "Final Straw" lyricist Iain Archer has apparently been approached to work on "Listen... Tanks", an album of what Lightbody calls "Russian Submarine music."
"I don't know why, there's just lots of voices on it with me using my vocals as an instrument rather than a guitar. It sounds like some underwater choir."

Though country music may not be what Snow Patrol fans expect from Lightbody, he said "I've loved country for a long time. I always thought I had a country album in me and it turns out I did… I don't know whether people will dig it or not. It's just something I wanted to get out of my system."