Liam Gallagher's dislike of his brother has been well documented in the past, but his distaste for Bono seems to be growing by the day.

Perhaps it's because of Noel's friendship with him, or the fact that Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds toured extensively with the Irish band last year - but either way, he's got it in for the sunglasses-wearing frontman.

His latest comments, made in an interview with Australian site Junkee, saw him respond to the story that Sacha Baron Cohen told about the time he threatened to stab him at the GQ Awards.

Liam said: "He was trying to bring me into the fray and that. I think he’s more one of Noel’s mates, he’s over on Bono’s side", adding that he reckoned Cohen was a member of the Illuminati.  “Fucking knobheads, all of them," he said, claiming that Bono was "the biggest wanker".

When pushed to name his 'top 5 wankers in music', he said: "Noel Gallagher, Bono. It’s just them two at the moment who’ve got under my skin. They can just fucking table tennis it back and forth.”

Read the full (and very entertaining) interview here.