By now, you should have realised that washing your hands is an important part of what you've got to do.

We don't believe that anybody knows what to do, so it's a good thing that Liam Gallagher is here with some helpful hints to prevent the spread and flatten the curve. Reworking some of his classics for modern times, Gallagher posted songs like 'Champagne Soapernova', 'Wonderwash' and our personal favourite, 'Soapersonic'.

If LG's taking requests for follow-ups on his Twitter, we'd love to see 'The Master Plan (Is Wash Your Hands)', 'Soapmaker', and maybe '(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady And Wash Your Hands' get a once over in these times.

Gallagher is currently self-isolating as he suffers from Hashimoto's Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that gives him an underactive thyroid. However, our kid appears to be keeping himself occupied while waiting for restrictions to be lifted.

Take a look.