Listen, you guys, Liam doesn't want to talk about Oasis anymore. He's over it. Entirely. And to highlight this point, he took to twitter last night - mostly to post this close up shot of his brother, Liam, entitled 'Potato.' Not once, but twice. 

While none of us were entirely convinced an Oasis reunion was ever on the cards, it would seem anything resembling brotherly love has taken a major setback for some undisclosed reason (it's suspected that Liam wasn't happy with Noel's recent Gigwise Interview with David Holmes). Because Liam wasn't satisfied with just making the repeated 'Potato' comparison, here's the rest of last night's rant. 

He then signed off with...

In case you need a hand deciphering the tweets, let us hand you over to who went to great pains decoding them: "David Holmes, who is producing the upcoming album from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds... described the album, titled Chasing Yesterday, as 'quite fun' - something Liam took offence to this, as you do, leading to a Twitter barrage. He began by criticising Holmes’ use of the word 'fun' and red hair, then repeatedly called his brother a 'potato,' compared the High Flying Birds to ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ singers Wham!, and ended with the words “FUCK OASIS'."

Over to you, Noel.