Liam Gallagher has made his feelings on U2 known once again in a new interview to promote his debut album 'As You Were'.

The former Oasis man is clearly not a fan of Bono and co., having called them 'toff rock' in the past - and says that a song on his album, called 'You Better Run, You Better Hide' is aimed at “every little shitbag wannabe rock star who thinks they’re doing this rock’n’roll business a service, because there’s a lot of them out there that ain’t.”

He told NME: "I look at the likes of U2… even years ago they were going ‘we’re coming back to claim fuckin’ rock’n’roll’ and all that nonsense. For me, they haven’t wrote any masterpieces – for a band that fuckin’ big, with all the fuckin’ stuff they’ve got at their disposal they should be writing masterpieces. They’re certainly no Beatles. It’s like ‘You’d better run, you’d better hide’ because this album’s gonna give you a fuckin’ clip round the ear or a kick up the arse’.”

It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that a certain other Gallagher brother is bosom buddies with them.... would it, Liam?