Liam Gallagher continues to stoke the fire in the war of words with his brother Noel and his sister-in-law Sara MacDonald.

The former Oasis man clearly sees Noel's wife as the reason for the band's failure to reform - but if he's hoping to build bridges, he's going the wrong way about it.

Last week it was reported that MacDonald had commented with disgust on Liam's latest interview, allegedly wishing him dead and calling him a 'deplorable wanker'.

Now, Liam has finally gotten around to responding, and he doesn't mince his words - comparing Noel and Sara to Fred and (Rose)Mary West and calling his sister-in-law a 'witch'.

We're watching this family drama play out from between our fingers. Lads, what would Peggy think? (Not much, if the below tweets are to be believed...)