Tut tut, Liam. Have you not learned anything from Noel's warning about steering clear of his family when you're having a go at him?

The younger Gallagher brother has been stirring the pot once again, this time claiming that Noel is desperate for an Oasis reunion but it's his wife Sara MacDonald who's stopping him from doing it.

He told Q magazine in an interview due to be published next week: “He’s desperate to get Oasis back but he knows he’s crossed that bridge. And he’s not allowed to, his missus won’t let him now, cos she’s another one.”

He also claimed that Noel's recent comments about not having any desire to play stadiums after his tour with U2 were untrue. “I know for a fact, deep down, he wants to be playing stadiums," he said. "You can only play stadiums when I’m there. I don’t think our kid’s got it in him anymore, anyway. It seems to me like he’s playing to the snobs and the world and the toffs.”

He also referenced Noel's disparaging 'parka monkeys' comment about the fans who harken back to the old days, saying: "He’s f****** with a generation there, man. I’d rather be a parka monkey than a f****** Givenchy f******’ Bond Street … wearing clown or whatever he is. Parkas, bring it on.”