The sweetheart and absolute tearaway Lewis Capaldi has asked a well-known Scottish singer to come out of the woodwork - or at least, we thought that he was well-known.

Lewis Capaldi has tweeted asking where his fellow Scot Paolo Nutini is, and it's got people talking. Some are also wondering where on earth the singer is, while others are asking WHO he is. Please excuse us as we shake our fists at our collective computer monitors.

Nutini broke onto our radio waves back in 2006 with his single 'New Shoes' which instantly became a mid-naughties banger. However, he's only gone on to have minor success since then, and hasn't released a new album since 2014 (but 'Candy' is also an under-rated track that deserves more attention).

Capaldi took to twitter to bluntly ask: "right enough's enough - where the fuck is paolo nutini?"

Some users have Nutini's back, praising the singer-songwriter and asking the same question.

While these young whippersnappers have no idea who Lewis Capaldi is talking about.

And this has pissed some people off.

Just in case you're wondering yourself, Paolo Nutini's most recent appearance in Ireland was in 2015 at Marlay Park. His most recent Instagram post was in August last year, while his Twitter account has also been eerily quiet since then too.

Maybe he'll reply to Lewis Capaldi, they'll do a duet together, and then we'll finally know where Nutini has been hiding all this time.