You don't need to be a fan of Lewis Capaldi The Musician to be a fan of Lewis Capaldi The Man.

The Scottish songwriter's tender lovelorn ballads like 'Someone You Loved' have won him legions of fans across the world, but so too has his quick wit and general 'WTF is going on, lads?' type of humour.

His 'everyman' personality was best summed up in his description of what it's like to be nominated for a Grammy

Now - although 'Someone You Loved' lost out to Billie Eilish at last night's ceremony - he has revealed something hilarious but kind of embarrassing that happened at the shindig. In short, it seems that he's not quite a household name in the States just yet.

His reaction, of course, was to share it with his 900K+ Twitter followers.

He also tweeted some relatable content earlier in the day:

Never change, Lewis.