It's not every day the guitarist for a popular band calls Ireland's Taoiseach a tosser, but here we are nonetheless.

As we reported yesterday, LCD Soundsystem guitarist Al Doyle recently commented on Twitter about Taoiseach Leo Varadkar coming backstage following the band's recent concert in the Olympia. As Doyle explained to this writer, keyboardist Nancy Whang "took him to task" on the issue of abortion rights and the eighth amendment, whilst Doyle himself said that he wore a tote bag over his jumper with the Repeal logo.

However, photos on the night showed Doyle posing with James Murphy and Varadkar whilst MCD director Caroline Downey has claimed that Al Doyle's version of events never took place. So, what does Leo himself make of it all? In a statement to the Sindo, the Taoiseach said that he and a group of colleagues "were invited backstage to meet the band which was a real privilege."

"One or two of the band members wanted to share their view with me on the Eight Amendment. I had no problem at all with that," said Varadkar. But did he realise that LCD Soundsystem's guitarist thinks he's a tosser, though?

Who knows. Neil Diamond's playing the 3Arena next week, so here's hoping Varadkar gets brought back stage and cursed out of it by the guy who sang Forever In Blue Jeans.


Via Sunday Independent