He certainly lived and breathed a rock 'n' roll lifestyle - but it seems that even in death, Lemmy remains a pretty badass rock icon.

The Motorhead frontman passed away at the age of 70 in 2015, and it turns out that his ashes were encased in silver bullets - as per his wishes - and given to his close friends.

One of them - American TV and radio personality Riki Rachtman - received their own bullet yesterday and posted it on social media, where is has received quite an interesting reaction.

Rachtman's post confirms an earlier post by Australian tennis player Pat Cash - who last year posted a picture of a similar bullet that was given to his friend Whitfield Crane, of the rock band Ugly Kid Joe:

A letter accompanying the bullet read: "We all know Lemmy knew many people, but he had few that he considered friends and even fewer that he considered family. Being that you are one of those people he considered family, we would like to share a little piece of him with you. Lemmy touched all of our lives in a way I don’t think any of us could ever forget, but with these ashes you keep not only the memories you have, you keep Lemmy with you forever. He was Lemmy. He played Rock ‘n’ Roll. Don’t forget him."