Wilco have slyly been releasing details of their forthcoming album, "Wilco (The Album)", in drips and drabs over the last few months, culmintaing in the announcement of full album details at the end of April, including a cover of Woodie Guthrie's "The Jolly Banker" with Leslie Feist providing "Additional Percussion (Garden Weasel)."

According to frontman Jeff Tweedy, promotional copies of the album were "floating around out there" for almost a month before it eventually leaked onto the internet on Wednesday. In an effort to deter fans from downloading an illegal copy of "Wilco (The Album)" in the interim period before its U.S. release on June 30th, Wilco have decided to stream the album in its entirety on their website. Adding to the brilliance of the album's titled, Tweedy added "Feel free to refer to it as 'wilco (the stream)' if you must."