Has there ever been a more controversial backstage meet-and-greet at an Irish gig?

The whole LCD Soundsystem vs. Leo Varadkar debate kicked off on Saturday, when keyboardist Al Doyle alleged that he had worn a 'Repeal' tote bag which the Taoiseach had turned away from, after coming backstage following the New York band's Olympia gig on Friday night. He later called Varadkar a 'tosser' on Twitter, but the whole incident was disputed when a photo was posted of Doyle apparently posing happily with James Murphy and Varadkar.

The Taoiseach had his own say on the matter, saying that it was a 'privilege' to be invited backstage and that some members of the band had 'shared their view' on the 8th amendment, which he had 'no problem with'.

Now, band member Nancy Whang has weighed in on the whole thing, saying that Varadkar is a 'liar' and that she hopes he 'enjoyed his free taco and concert'.