Laurie Anderson, artist, musician and theatremaker, will take up residency at Dublin's National Concert Hall this May.

She will perform three new and exclusive concerts of her ongoing project 'The Language of the Future' on May 13th, 14th and 15th.

Anderson has been active as an artist since the mid 1970s, but has been most recently acclaimed for her film 'Heart of a Dog', which reflected upon the deaths of her husband, musician Lou Reed, as well as her mother and her beloved dog.

She said of her forthcoming trip to Dublin: "Being at least a quarter Irish - and who really knows how much more - I have always felt at home in Dublin. It's the only city I know where everyone uses the language as an art form. And I mean starting with the taxi driver who picks you up at the airport. We begin the language dance. The put on, the shaggy dog, the put upon. Heaven.”

Ticket details are as below:

Tickets: €35, €30
1 ticket for 3 Concerts Package Price: €84
1 ticket for 2 Concerts Package Price: €63
(Please note package price available on top price band only and available for a limited time only)