Angry Lana Del Rey is possibly the best Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey's fourth studio album 'Lust for Life' is set for release this Friday but this being 2017, it has of course leaked online early. And while fans may be happy about it, Del Rey most definitely is not, taking to Twitter to directly call out fans who were downloading and sharing it online.

Del Rey's evening began pretty tamely with a tweet saying "Um almost time" as the album was two days away from release but it turned sour pretty quickly as she realised what was happening online.

And to say she didn't hold back would be an understatement, demanding the link to the illegal download before telling one fan who assured her it was already taken down that it "better be".

Not the fan interaction that most could get away with, but coming from Del Rey, we're sure her fans love her even more for this.