A man who broke into Lana Del Rey's home and left love notes around the house while high on drugs has been sentenced.

19-year-old Zachary Self - whose family claim is bipolar - was found lying on a mat in the singer's garage by workers who were carrying out repars on Del Rey's Malibu house.

Although he fled, he was tracked down last month after leaving love notes professing his love for Lana - as well as a citation for a court appearance in Kansas with his name on it. Not the most clever move. One of the notes, claims TMZ, said that he was "engaged to heaven on Earth with Lana Del Rey."

Self said that he was high on hallucinogenic drugs at the time and had become obssessed by the 'Video Games' singer, but a judge sentenced him to 84 days in jail, nonetheless.

Del Rey released her most recent album, 'Honeymoon', last year and has amassed her fair share of stalkers over the last few years; Self joins several men have been ordered to stay away from the 30-year-old star.