Lady Gaga has never been afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to her persona. Whether it be her music, her sense of fashion or her stage show, she always makes an effort to be at the absolute forefront of things, continually challenging people's perceptions of her. Well, at last night's show at SXSW her boundary-challenging consisted of a barely clothed cohort of Gaga's vomiting neon green liquid onto her chest, while Gaga yells "I won't play by your f*cking rules" in a move that would likely get any of us sectioned if we did it in public. Ah "art", you gotta love it.

Gaga's show began in quiet surreal circumstances with Gaga being wheeled out on a faux spit roast while he dancers congregated around her like they were participating in some sort of ritualistic sacrifice of her credibility, basting the superstar with barbecue sauce. It was later in the show that Gaga was regurgitated upon on two separate occasions by British "vomit artist" Millie Brown in a scene befitting the general critical reception to Gaga's recent ArtPop album.

Lady Gaga has certainly upped the ante considerably, perhaps perturbed at the popularity of Miley Cyrus' tongue or the idea of what she gets up to with a foam finger but what this seems to us to be is the work of someone trying desperately to cling on to relevancy with every fibre of her being. Hey, it happened to Madonna and now it looks like it's happening to Lady Gaga and no amount of on-stage vomiting can help that.

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