Lady Gaga? More like Lady Haha... *tumbleweed*

In case you weren't sucked into the world of terrible magazine headlines recently, you may have missed a recent celebrity tabloid claiming that Lady Gaga is pregnant. Not only did they make the bold claim and splash the 'Pokerface' singer on the front cover, the magazine said Gaga was "torn between two lovers."

Allegedly, Gaga is caught up in a "DNA Battle" with her ex-fiance Christian Carino, and 'A Star is Born' co-star Bradley Cooper.

Here is said headline for you to roll your eyes at.

Now, Lady Gaga has seen the attention-grabbing headlines and has put out the pregnancy fire once and for all... or has she? Gaga took to Twitter last night to have a bit of fun with her fans, saying "Rumours I'm pregnant? Yeah, I'm pregnant with #LG6."


"LG6" is of course Gaga's sixth album. Apart from last year's monster film and original soundtrack release, the singer hasn't released new solo work since 2016's 'Joanne'. If we are speaking in technical terms, "LG6" would actually be Gaga's fifth solo studio album; however, she seems to be including 2014's duet album with Tony Bennett.

Irish fans will no doubt be excited at the prospect of new Gaga material. The singer and actress has had six Irish number one singles, including 'Just Dance' and 'Born This Way'. Last year's 'Shallow' was of course on the top spot for quite some time, having already been in the Irish chart for 21 weeks.

Fans have been reeling with the news of Gaga's forthcoming album (which is probably still a while away) and have been sharing their delight online. There was even a 'Mean Girls' quote.





Eagle-eyed fans have also spotted that Gaga has started to follow Rihanna - who is also set to release her new album this year - on Instagram. It's fuelled speculation that the two superstars are working on a collaboration together.


It's all speculation for the moment, but here's hoping we hear some "LG6" songs sooner rather than later.