Lady Gaga suffered a nasty fall off the stage Thursday night as a fan dropped her during a show.

Gaga was performing her Enigma show, which is part of her Las Vegas concert residency, when the incident happened. The 'Poker Face' singer has been performing her residency series at MGM’s Park Theatre since January 2018.

A fan picked her up while dancing in last night's show. He lost his balance, causing both of them to topple off the stage from quite a height.

The fall was caught on camera by some of the audience members and shared on Twitter.

Fortunately, being the pro she, the singer quickly returned to stage and continued her performance. No word yet on whether either the fan or Gaga incurred any injuries.

The singer hit headlines earlier this month when she sent Twitter into a spin after saying she was going to name her next album Adele.

More recently, she asked the social media platform what 'Fortnite' is, which also stirred quite a response.