Gaga, we love your optimism.

No doubt you'll already have seen that viral video of an Australian nightclub going crazy to Lady Gaga tracks over the weekend. Well, she's after responding to the video, giving hope to the rest of world currently sitting at home.

The video, which you can see below, was filmed in a nightclub in Melbourne. The city was able to open nightclubs, since it hadn't had a single COVID-19 case in 20 days. The city currently has 2 active cases, while the state of Victoria has 31 active cases.

The video features two of Gaga's tracks from her 2020 album 'Chromatica', the transition from one track into the other quickly became an internet sensation last year.

The transition from the track 'Chromatica II' to Lady Gaga's newest single '911' was the moment caught on camera, with the club going wild. Suffice it to say, this is probably the first club since the album has been released (May of 2020) to be able to play the infectious beat.

Rather than being jealous of the party people, it's best to think - that will be us soon. Right...? RIGHT!?

Anyway, the video soon caught the attention of the star, who tweeted: "GOODBYE COVID HELLO DANCING [celebration, love hearts emojis] happy for Australia! Praying for the rest of the world that we all can be dancing together soon [high five emoji]"

Here's her reaction on Twitter, and the original video.

When will we dance again? Soon, dear reader, soon.