Over the years, Nirvana fans have had several opportunities to own something that once belonged to Kurt Cobain.

The iconic frontman's guitar, cardigan and even his childhood home have been auctioned in the recent past - but now there's an unusual item that you can get your mitts on, if you happen to have a spare €2k.

A packet of American Spirit menthol cigarettes once owned by the Nirvana frontman is currently being auctioned.

The listing reads: "American Spirit menthols were the preferred brand of the late rock star. This pack was saved by Cobain’s roommate at the Los Angeles rehab clinic where he briefly stayed several days before taking his own life."

The ciggies have already surpassed their estimate of $800 - $1200, with the current bid landing at $2000 (around €1800).

And if that doesn't float your boat, there are other lots in the same auction that might be more up your street - including a miniature amp, handwritten notes and sketches, and three cassette tapes owned by the rock star.

You can also own an argyle cardigan or a pair of jeans worn by Cobain in the video for 'Heart-Shaped Box'.

See the full auction listings here.