In an interview with a US magazine in July 1993, Kurt Cobain claims that he sensed he was from Ireland, the closeness he felt to our little island and walking around Cork city in a daze.

Interviewer: Did you like the Beatles?

Cobain: Oh, yeah. My mother always tried to keep a little bit of British culture in our family. We'd drink tea all the time! I never really knew about my ancestors until this year, when I learned that the name Cobain was Irish. My parents have never bothered to find that stuff out. I found out by looking though phone books throughout America for names that were similar to mine. I couldn't find any Cobain's at all, so I started calling Coburns. I found this one lady in San Francisco who had been researching our family history for years.

Interviewer: So it was Coburn?

Cobain: Actually it was Cobain, but the Coburns screwed it up when they came over. They came from County Cork, which is a really weird coincidence, because when we toured Ireland, we played in Cork and the entire day I walked around in a daze. I'd never felt more spiritual in my life. It was the weirdest feeling and I have a friend who was with me who could testify to this. I was almost in tears the whole day. Since that tour, which was about two years ago, I've had a sense that I was from Ireland.

Nine months later, Cobain was dead. His body was discovered on April 8th, 1994 - a day which he was originally scheduled to be performing at the Point Theatre in Dublin.