Mums, eh? They're great and all, but even the woman who spawned a bunch of globally successful rock stars reckons there's room for improvement when it comes to her little boys.

Kings of Leon (or at least the three of them who are brothers) have revealed that their mother, whose name is the oddly Irish-sounding Betty Ann Murphy, often chastises them for some of the choices they make in their career.

They told Q magazine: "[She'll say] You guys need to do this, blah blah blah, I saw Taylor Swift go sign [autographs for fans] for hours the other night and you guys never do that kind of thing. Why don't you guys go out and sign for four hours? That's why she's the most famous woman in the world."

Jared Followill continued: "She'll always get onto us after a show: 'I couldn't hear Caleb's voice last night at the concert. You need to tell your soundman, he's gotta turn Caleb up!'"