Although it was released 27 years ago (yes, really), Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name' is still as powerful as ever.

It's not just because the themes and message of the song is still powerfully relevant, it's also a really well-written song that's never dated all that much. Maybe good songs just never seem to date? Anyway, a group of 1,000 musicians in Frankfurt, Germany came together to perform the song as part of the Rockin 1,000 super-group.

The idea is pretty simple - in and around 1,000 local musicians play together in major venues and arenas, performing the likes of Foo Fighters, The Beatles or in this case, the rebellious funk-tinged melodies of Rage Against The Machine.

There's probably a bit of irony in a lot of people singing about not doing what they're told, but whatever, this sounds pretty great.

Have a listen.