It seems like only yesterday when there was controversy about Jay-Z being the first rapper to headline Glastonbury (mostly, it has to be said, generated by the likes of Noel Gallagher.)

Since 2008, however, several high-profile rappers have headlined the world's biggest music festival, including Kanye West and Stormzy, and last night it was the turn of Kendrick Lamar.

The Compton-born rapper turned in an astonishing, theatrical and thought-provoking set that has everyone talking - playing his biggest hits reflected against the backdrop of a huge mirror, with incredible choreography from a troupe of dancers enhancing many of the songs.

At the end of his set, bloodied from the diamond-encrusted crown of thorns that he had been wearing throughout, he chanted: "They judge you, they judged Christ, Godspeed for women's rights", in response to the recent social upheaval and erosion of women's reproductive rights in the US, thanks to the reversal of the Roe vs. Wade ruling.

Watch clips from his set below: